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Go Launcher Way Removed From Android Devices

Go Launcher status removed from the Android device but remain on the current interface without removing Go Launcher as happened to many people that do not know how to remove thoroughly how, today please guide you deleting this interface:

Step 1: Go to the Settings (Settings)
Step 2: Scroll down and select Security.
Go Launcher install removed from the machine
Step 3: Continue to select the device manager.
Step 4: In Section One-click Screen Lock press leave traces.
Go Launcher how to delete?
Step 5: A message asking for confirmation to uninstall it pops up, you click Off to agree.
Step 6: Uninstall applications Go Launcher as normal as you've come back to be with the default interface on the computer.
Thus we guide you how to uninstall the application completely Go Launcher from your device, in addition to use apps don clutter and frees up ram is very efficient Clean Master.
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